Your sample presentation
with Silfoxsample makers

Market and product knowledge, creativity and innovative techniques are the key factors of our success. International customers depend on our expertise, creativity and our daily service mindedness for punctual sample presentation.Silfox MB GmbH sample makers are pleased to be of service to you.

Sample solutions

Your sample presentation with Silfoxsample makers

We refine a diverse variety of materials and mount them as samples for different industries. We are involved in sample presentations for the automotive industry and well-known floor covering and sunscreen manufacturers among others.

We implement each individual project to the highest precision. We work efficiently and with expertise, and ensure the highest quality standards through regular monitoring.

Worldwide shipment of the sample collections is part of the proven Silfox all-round service.Your satisfaction is our goal. In order to do this, we work together with multi-site teams of experts to develop and discuss our ideas and work together to find the best approach for individual customer requirements.

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